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Patient monitors UM 300-S models

High-quality monitoring — key factor in the patient safety

Patient monitor UM 300 side panel scheme
Channels & UniPort

Ready for every clinical situation

Use a wide range of parameters and create the most effective configuration of monitoring with UniPort solutions — no more no less as it is necessary for each clinical situation and each patient.

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UM 300 Patient monitor is a new take on modular monitors

Incredible customization

UM 300-S — a new take on modular monitors

The same UM 300-S patient monitor can be easily configured for transportation, ICU, and OR. Even if the situation changes, clinicians can add new channels and start to receive necessary vital data that will enable them to make informed decisions.

• All additional modules are compactly placed on the back panel without unhandy consoles.

• Recognized and visualized automatically. All are compatible with all monitors in the unit.

• Save money by only purchasing the modules you only need.

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Take the right clinical decisions for patient safety

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