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UNET-S Seamless Surveillance

Patient data
where it is needed

Seamless monitoring is a complete cycle of recording, transmission and data visualization: from the point of care to patient discharge.

Central monitoring station UNET-S

UNET-S Seamless monitoring patient data flow

Ambulance, transportation Ambulance, transportation
Operating room Operating room
Post anesthesia care unit Post anesthesia care unit
Intrahospital transportation Intrahospital transportation
Intensive care unit (ICU/NICU) Intensive care unit (ICU/NICU)
UM 300-10-S UM 300-10-S
UM 300-20-S UM 300-20-S
<center>UM 300-15-S <br>with additional display</center>
UM 300-15-S
with additional display
UM 300-10-S UM 300-10-S
Bed-to-bed Bed-to-bed
UNET-S Central Station UNET-S Central Station
Remote medical specialist UniViewer
Network printer
Hospital Information System HL7 Patients' database
Recording Vital data records at all stages of treatment in one place

Monitors united in a medical network by UNET-S Central Station constantly records received data. If any patient monitor is temporarily disconnected from the clinic network, you always have access to cached data.

Transmission Gap-free patient data flow

Continuous gap-free monitoring provides a single data flow due to the integration of monitoring data and networked clinical information.

Visualization View all patient data in the most appropriate way

Doctors from different departments can get access to necessary information in a convenient form. Whether quick access on a smartphone, detailed analysis on a computer, or printed docs.

UNET-S Central Station
UNET-S Central Station

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