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Channels & UniPort

Comprehensive information about the patient's vital data

Compromises between quality and the set of monitored parameters cannot be tolerated. In UM 300-S monitors there are all necessary channels in accordance with the Harvard standard for monitoring during anesthesia. Then it's easy to extend the set with UniPort modules.

All channels have built-in protection
for the effects of defibrillator and electrosurgical units

Wide range
of measurement channels

Basic configuration

for all models

• ECG (3- or 5-lead)

• Heart rate

• Respiratory rate

• NIBP Smart

• SpO2 Masimo SET® or OxiMax

• Temperature 1-2 channels

• CO2 main or sidestream*

• Multigas (AAg) main or sidestream*

• UniPort universal connectors (1-2 ports)

*sensors are not included

Extended configuration

via UniPort™

• 12-lead ECG

• Depth of anesthesia (BIS index)

• Multigas (AAg+O2)

• Neuromuscular transmission (NMT)

• Invasive blood pressure (IBP)

• Invasive cardiac output (Thermodilution)

• Non-invasive cardiac output (Impedance cardiography, ICG)

• EEG / Amplitude-integrated EEG

How does UniPort work

Be prepared
for every clinical case

Uniport is own developed technology for additional modules connection that has a number of undeniable advantages.


Compact placement, whether you need one additional module or several

  • No need for any racks or slots
  • Save space
  • No access for dust and infectious agents

Add additional channels easily and quickly

  • Plug&Play — auto recognition and visualization
  • Compatible with all UTAS monitors (one module for all monitors in the unit)
  • Readiness to adjust to new clinical situations (up to 4 additional channels per monitor with UniHUB)

Create the most effective configuration — no more but no less as it is necessary

  • Economy and accuracy through customization
  • Build a set for anesthesiology, cardiology, hemodynamic, neonatology, etc.
  • Wide range of sensors: disposable and reusable, for all age groups

Parameters for each clinical situation

We ensure the of measurements reliability by

Cooperation with global
top-class suppliers
and innovation leaders

Our Research and Development department has many years of experience in developing modules for measuring physiological parameters, developing software according to modern standards, using recent technologies.

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