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ICU ventilator UVENT-A-S

New generation respiratory station

UVENT-A-S is expert-class ventilator with compressed gas-driven pneumatics, comprehensive monitoring, and intelligent respiratory support for patients of all ages.

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ICU ventilator UVENT-A-S

Why UVENT-A-S is special

  • Expert class ICU ventilator
    with compressed gas-driven pneumatics.
  • Long-life microcontroller driven precise pneumatic system and active PEEP valve.
  • Inlet pressure auto compensation
    in case of a pressure drop in the one of the gases' supply line.

Protective respiratory support
wherever it's needed

  • Critical Care

  • Intensive Care

  • Emergency Care

  • Intrahospital transportation

Protective respiratory support
for patients of all ages

For each specified category UVENT-S displays only the appropriate set of ventilation modes

  • Patient monitoring neonatal category


  • Patient monitoring pediatric category


  • Patient monitoring adult category


Full set of ventilation modes
in every UVENT-S

To meet demand of any clinical case

  • Mandatory ventilation in UVENT

  • Interactive modes in UVENT ventilator

  • Spontaneous modes in UVENT ventilator

  • Intelligent ventilation in UVENT

  • UVENT Special Ventilation Modes

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Various mounting solutions
for UVENT-A-S ventilator

  • ICU ventilator UVENT mobile trolley with basket

    Mobile trolley with basket and circuit hanger

  • icu ventilator uvent-a mobile trolley with built-in compressor

    Mobile trolley with built-in compressor

  • icu ventilator with additional display uvent mount

    Mount for additional display

  • Universal VESA plate on back panel

UVENT-S features

Work smarter, not harder with UVENT-S ventilators

Pleasant work

  • Clear, user-friendly interface
  • Touchscreen with drug-n-drop function
  • Illustrated patient connection guide
  • Fast and simple ventilation start up
  • Alarms with recommended actions
  • Settings with safety scale
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Handy ways to transfer data to external devices or into HIS
lung ventilator with built-in turbine

High-class ventilation

  • Intelligent Adaptive and Protective modes
  • Active flow and pressure triggers
  • Static and dynamic compliance
  • HFOT with high-quality humidification
  • Special mode for ventilation with a helmet
  • CPR ventilation mode
  • Integrated nebulizer function
  • AutO2 function: delivery of the minimum-effective oxygen concentration to keep SpO2 level within target range
uvent-s high-class icu ventilation

All-around monitoring

  • SpO2 with Masimo SET®
  • CO2 (side- or mainstream)
  • Volumetric capnometry
  • Respiratory mechanics monitoring
  • Gas exchange monitoring
  • Integrated Paux/Pes Channel
  • Comprehensive trends and events analysis

Stable performance

  • Illustrated device and circuit auto checks
  • Unlimited lifetime oxygen sensor
  • Durable aluminum case
  • Up to 4 hours ventilation with Li-ion battery
  • Multi-level audio-visual alarm system
  • Automatic altitude, compliance, leak and resistance compensation

Upgrade the ventilator to the critical care respiratory station

UVENT-S featuring an interface compatibility with external devices like video laryngoscope, POCUS probe, patient monitor, and additional 22″ display.

Not all features are available in all markets.

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ProVent Intelligent Mode

Adaptation to every
patient's breath

ProVent is an intelligent mode that provides operator-preset minute ventilation and auto-regulation of the parameters based on the patient’s respiratory activity.

  • Respiratory support regardless of the patient’s breathing activity.
  • Less time for adjusting parameters — more attention to the patient.
  • Protective ventilation with automatic respiration rate detection and breathing mechanics continuous analysis.
  • Effective weaning due to personalized support of the active patient.
intelligent ventilation modes, mechanical ventilation
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Download resources
to get more information


From ICU Ventilator
To Respiratory Critical Care Station

PDF | 2.77mb

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UVENT-S: From Critical Care
To Effective Weaning

PDF | 2.89mb

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UVENT-S Ventilators:
The Fight Against COVID-19

PDF | 4.24mb

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Remote service

Remote UVENT — innovative technology to provide timely support and efficient service of the ventilators regardless of distances.

Using Remote UVENT system our engineers can remotely via Internet carry out:

  • device diagnostics
  • adjustments and repair
  • software update
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