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UNET Telemetry Cardiac System

The game-changing factor in the cardiac care

The remoteness of a competent cardiologist from the patient is one of the main reasons for the lack of efficacy of both emergency care and preventive medical management in cardiovascular disease.

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UNET Telemetry Cardiac System

The solution for remote consultation
and diagnostic conclusion of cardiac diseases,
wherever patient and doctor are located

They say

Death after a heart attack
is just the way it is.

We say

It Shouldn’t Be Like That!

Save time. Save patient

The first 2 hours after the appearance of symptoms are the most important. At that period most of the living myocardial cells are still preserved.

Unfortunately, to confirm the diagnosis and interpret ECG record, emergency services transport patient to the nearest hospital. So most patients receive medical help within 6 hours after the first symptom.


The number of people diagnosed with heart failure is projected to increase by 46% in 2030.


According to the WHO, 80% of heart attacks and strokes are preventable.

ECG Acquisition 1 ECG Transmission
ECG Receiving 2 Conclusion Transmission
Conclusion Receiving 3 Treatment
Discharge 4 Report
UNET Central Station
Diagnostic conclusion
Patient’s database
Any point-of-care
Сonsultation center/ Hospital
Ambulance/ Operating room
Сonsultation center/ Hospital

UNET telemetry cardiac system is based on a fully-featured electrocardiograph

UNET Telemetry Central Station

Cardiologist’s automated workplace

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Rapid ECG diagnosis
is absolutely critical

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